5 Animals To Spot on Snapping Tours Crocodile Cruise

Although the name “Snapping Tours” itself may conjure up images of giant crocodiles, you never know what animals you will spot on this incredible wildlife cruise.

These nature spotting cruises head along Innisfail’s Johnstone River, a mangrove-fringed wildlife mecca.

Read on for the 5 animals that you could be snapping (with a camera of course) on Snapping Tours.

The Saltwater Crocodile

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Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/snappingtours/

Let’s start with the most obvious, most famous and (let’s not deny it) most terrifying resident of the Johnstone River: the Estaurine Crocodile.

Whether cunningly creeping through the river’s waters, or basking in the sun, there’s nothing quite like seeing a saltwater crocodile in it’s natural habitat.

The Johnstone River is well known for its flourishing crocodile population and the crew have a very amazing “croc-o-dial”.

Hopefully you will be able to see this magnificent beast during your tour.


Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/snappingtours/

Kingfishers are always a beautiful sight to behold! With bright blue feathers, they often stand out against the mangrove backdrop.


cassowary and chick on snapping tours crocodile cruise innisfail
Photo by Snapping Tours

You may be incredibly lucky during your cruise and spot an endangered Southern Cassowary. You are in the Cassowary Coast after all!

This giant flightless bird is normally around the same height as a human, so you’re sure not to miss it if the tour guide spots one!

Monitor Lizard

Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/snappingtours/

Also referred to as a “Goanna”, this reptile can be seen climbing trees, digging and even swimming.

Interestingly, goannas are a huge threat when it comes to crocodiles! These lizards are known to munch on crocodile eggs, one of their favourite delicacies!

They can be quite the literal “lounge lizard”, as demonstrated by the big boy in the photo above.


egret on snapping tours on wooronooran safaris
Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/snappingtours/

The Eastern Great Egret loves wading in wetlands and rivers and can sometimes be seen foraging near the banks of the Johnstone River.

Enjoy an incredible nature spotting cruise with Snapping Tours on your Wooroonooran Safari Day Trip.

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