Cairns Nature Tour: 7 Reasons To Choose Us

Cairns Nature Tour: 7 Reasons To Choose Us

Looking for a Cairns nature tour? From bird watching in one of the most diverse wetlands ecosystems in Australia, to seeing wild Estaurine Crocodiles, here’s why you should choose Wooroonooran Safaris for your Cairns Nature Tour.

1. We are the only tour that visits the iconic Eubenangee Wetlands

eubenangee wetlands tour wooroonooran safaris

Nature spotters will have a field day (excuse the pun) at Eubenangee Wetlands.

Located on the lowlands of the Bellenden Kerr Range, this diverse area is one of the most important wetlands between Ingham and Cairns. Nine unique habitats have been observed in this area, including swampland, rainforest and grassland.

Join your guide to learn more about the incredible flora and fauna that dwell in this area. Take some binoculars and look out for some of the 190 bird species that call this place home.

2. See Wallabies in Their Natural Habitat

wooroonooran safaris wild wallabies in cairms

We are one of the only Cairns nature tours that you can see wild wallabies on.

At the start of your tour, we take you to a secret location south of Cairns to see a colony of Agile Wallabies in their natural environment.

3. We Offer Tours In English, French, Spanish, Italian and German

german tours from cairns rainforest tour to josephine falls

Looking to learn more about local wildlife and plants, but not so confident with your English? We might speak your language! (Literally!) Wooroonooran Safaris offers Cairns nature tours in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

4. You Can Search For The World’s Largest Reptile

wild estaurine crocodile on snapping tours innisfail crocodile cruise

Fancy seeing the mighty Saltwater Crocodile in the wild? Wooroonooran Safaris includes a Crocodile spotting cruise on the Johnston River.

As well as searching for crocodiles. you will also learn more about this incredible reptile. Look out for other wildlife including herons, kingfishers and snakes as you cruise out towards the mouth of the river.

5. It’s a Nature Tour off the Beaten Path

babinda boulders tour wooroonooran safaris

Many nature tours head north to the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation. Another common tour route is inland towards the Atherton Tablelands.

We head south to the stunning and diverse Wooroonoran National Park, a Wet Tropics Rainforest area that is less explored, but just as stunning.

So if you are looking for a less touristy nature tour, we have you covered!

6. Explore Different Rainforest Areas

rainforest nature tour cairns wooroonooran safaris

One of the best things about the Wet Tropics rainforest is it’s diversity, and we love to highlight this on our tour!

We explore the rainforest at Josephine Falls, Babinda Boulders and Eubenangee Wetlands, ensuring you see the diversity of plants, heights and structures of this World Heritage area.

7. Learn About Rainforest Flora & See a Stunning Waterfall in One Stop

josephine falls tour wooronooran safaris

As well as taking you to see the beautiful Josephine Falls, we also take you on a guided rainforest walk so you can learn more about the towering rainforest plants that call this area home.

Ready for the ultimate Cairns nature tour? Book Wooroonooran Safaris today!