Crocodile Cruise

Innisfail Crocodile Cruise With Snapping Tours

Enjoy an Innisfail Crocodile Cruise with Snapping Tours on Wooroonooran Safaris

Ready to see crocodiles in their natural environment? Hop aboard a crocodile spotting cruise on the Johnstone River and keep your eyes peeled for the world’s largest reptile.  Learn about this mighty apex predator and it’s unusual mating habits. See if you can spot the Estaurine Crocodile basking in the sun amongst the mangroves or you may even spot one swimming in the water!

Enjoy some birdwatching along the fringes of ancient mangrove forests, and discover an environment so valuable to the Great Barrier Reef. Journey out towards the ocean and see rustic palm-fringed beaches, stunning architecture and all the hidden gems of the Johnstone River.

Innisfail Crocodile Cruise With Wooroonooran Safaris