Estaurine Crocodiles- 15 Terrifyingly Awesome Facts

Estaurine crocodiles are pretty incredible animals!

As the largest living reptiles on the planet, these apex predators are amazing and terrifying in equal part.

Here’s 15 terrifyingly awesome facts about Estaurine Crocodiles that will have you asking “really?”

They Can’t Sweat

Although we may be sweating bucketloads when we spot one (after all it’s natural instinct), these giant reptiles can’t actually sweat themselves!

Although crocodiles prefer to be warm, the tropics can often be a little too much for them! In the Summer months they often cool down by sitting on the river banks and opening their mouths.

Their Gender Is Decided By Incubation Temperature

The gender of Estaurine Crocodiles is decided by the temperature in which the egg is incubated!

Crocodile eggs have a painfully long incubation period of around 80 days and gender is decided around three weeks into the process. Eggs at temperatures around 31-32 degrees will develop into males, whereas cooler temperatures will develop into females.

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They Have Crazily Small Brains

It’s approximately 0.01% of their body weight.

As a matter of fact, a 3.5 metre croc has a brain the size of a walnut! However, they are very intelligent animals.

They Can Find Their Way Back To Their Territory

One of the most incredible things about Estaurine Crocodiles is their ability to find their way back to their original territory when they are moved.

When “problem” crocodiles are moved, that very same crocodile will eventually make its way back to the same river system.

There are 15 Saltwater Crocodiles Per KM In The Northern Territory

**Insert screaming face emoji here**

Moral of the story: don’t swim in the Northern Territory.

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Although They Almost Became Extinct In The NT in The 70s

This resulted in the government introducing strict laws controlling crocodile hunting.

Their Bite Is 4 Times As Powerful As A Lions

One of the most terrifying aspects of crocodiles is their crazily powerful jaws. Estaurine Crocodiles can bite down with a force of around 4,000 pounds per square inch.

To put this into perspective, that is around 4 times more powerful than a lion and 267 times more powerful than a human.

They Can Open Their Mouths Underwater

This is because they have a valve at the bottom of their mouth that seals off their throat.

This also means that they can’t swallow underwater and need to rise to the surface to consume their prey.

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They Can Travel Ridiculous Distances

Estaurine Crocodiles can swim as much as 900km by sea. Hows that for long distance swimming?

The Largest Crocodile Ever Recorded Was 7.01 m

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest ever crocodile is a 7.01 metre male crocodile named Kahlia who lives in India.

Kahlia reportedly weighs a whopping 2000 kg!

They Can Only Run At 12 Miles Per Hour On Land

Although they are pretty fast in water! They reach speeds of 24-29 KM per hour.

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They Have 3 Sets Of Eyelids

Crocodiles have top and bottom eyelids, as well as a transparent lid that protects the eye when underwater. It’s almost like a built-in pair of swimming goggles!

A Group Of Crocodiles Is Called A Bask

You can often see them basking on the banks of the Johnstone River when we head out on our Crocodile Cruise on Wooroonooran Safaris!

They Can Stay Underwater For Over An Hour

Saltwater Crocodiles are able to reduce their heart rate to 2-3 beats per minute whilst they wait for their prey.

They Sleep With One Eye Open

They are uni-hemispheric sleepers, in which they shut down just one half of the brain and keep the other half alert and active.

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