The Devils Pools Legend

The Devils Pools is a bright azure pool nestled in sculptural, smooth rock formations.  Although it may look beautiful, the sinister name of this pool equates to its sad and eerie history.  The Devils Pools may indeed be one of the most haunted places in Australia. 

Since 1959, seventeen people have lost their lives here. Astoundingly, 16 of these people were young men who were visitors or backpackers to the area. Although this may be due to these young dare devils jumping in, rising waters, rock climbing and swimming in this very dangerous area, locals believe the deaths are linked to an indigenous legend; the tragic tale of Oolana and her lost lover.

The Tale Of Oolana

Oolana was a beautiful young woman from the Yindinji Tribe. She was chosen to marry a respected tribal elder named Waroonoo. Not long after their marriage, she met a handsome young warrior called Dygna from another tribe. The pair quickly fell in love. To continue their affair, the pair fled their tribes and escaped into the wilderness. The elders of their tribes discovered they were missing and Waroonoo sent out search parties to track down this young wife and destroy their affair. They were captured and Dyna was dragged away, but Oolana escaped. Despaired that she would never be with her true love again, Oolana threw herself into  the Devil’s Pool. Her anguished cries turned the still waters into rushing water.

Locals believe that Oolana’s spirit resides in the Devil’s Pool, pulling visiting young men to their untimely deaths in an endless search for her lost love. Her cries are still rumoured to be heard and some visitors have captured photographs that depict a face under the surface of the water.

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