Wooroonooran National Park

Wooroonooran National Park is a Tropical North Queensland national park spanning a whopping 79,500 hectors of Wet Tropics Rainforest.

Translating as “Black Rock” in Aboriginal, this Wet Tropics World Heritage area has an abundance of dreamy waterfalls, dense rainforest and the two highest mountains in Queensland.

Visitors to this national park often find themselves in awe of its natural beauty. From wildlife spotting, to hiking, to towering lookouts, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy.

Where Is Wooroonooran National Park?

Wooroonooran National Park is located south of Cairns in Tropical North Queensland. It is 798 square kilometres and size and features both highland and lowland areas.

The northern-most end is located just past Gordonvale, around half an hour South of Cairns and stretches south to Mungalli on the Atherton Tablelands.

Wooroonooran National Park includes the Goldsborough Valley, Walsh’s Pyramid, Palmerston (Doongan), Bartle Frere, Goldfield Trail and Bellenden Kerr.

Natural Attractions

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The national park is home to many impressive waterfalls, spanning from the mighty Nandroya Falls to petite and pretty Kearney’s Falls. See a list of Wooroonooran’s Waterfalls here.

The lush rainforest landscape is crowned by Queensland’s two highest mountains, Mt Bartle Frere and Mt Bellenden Kerr. Mt Bartle Frere can be explored on a 75 kilometre hike which meanders from Josephine Falls to epic views from Lamins Hill Lookout.

Alongside waterfalls, Wooroonooran National Park also has various swimming holes to cool off in. Some of the most popular include Babinda Boulders and Henrietta Creek.

Flora & Fauna

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The national park is home to a large variety of wildlife, including endangered and endemic species. A total of 2875 animal species have been sighted in the national park.

Marsupials that call this lush area home include the Green Ringtail Possum, Northern Greater Glider, the Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo and the Platypus. A huge number of birds inhabit the area and vary from the tiny Plum-Headed Finch, to the mighty Southern Cassowary.

The rainforest is hugely diverse and over 500 rainforest trees can be found here. The rainforest reaches its most diverse in the Palmerston Section, which experiences a high amount of rainfall.

Wooroonooran National Park is home to 2045 plant species including various mosses, conifers, ferns, liverworts, higher dicots and monocots.

Explore Wooroonooran

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Explore the stunning Eubenangee Wetlands and search for rare and endemic wildlife in this unique ecosystem. Join your experienced guide for a walk through the stunning rainforest and learn about various rainforest flora and fauna.

Search for wild crocodiles on a Johnstone River Cruise , spot birds and other wildlife and explore the unique mangrove ecosystem.

Visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Wooronooran National Park, Josephine Falls and enjoy a guided walk through towering rainforest trees to reach this triple-tiered wonder.

Refresh with a dip in the Babinda Boulders, a bright azure series of pools flanked by tumbling boulders. Wander to the various lookout points and here the eerie Aboriginal tale that gave the “devils pools” its name.

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