Wooroonooran Waterfalls: 8 Waterfalls To Chase

Wooroonooran National Park is 798 km² of pristine World Heritage Rainforest filled with enough stunning waterfalls to please even the most seasoned of waterfall chasers.

The highlights? Triple cascades into bright blue pools, infinity pools with sweeping valley views and moss-covered coves.

From stunning, popular waterfalls, to secret Cairns waterfalls off the beaten track, here’s the Wooroonooran waterfalls to add to your must see list!

8 Waterfalls To Chase In Wooroonooran National Park

Josephine Falls

josephine falls wooroonooran safaris

Flowing from the highest mountain in Queensland, Josephine Falls is pretty much the dictionary definition of paradise.

Nestled in amongst the pristine rainforest, this Wooroonooran waterfall is a must see!  This waterfall has three tiers, each one getting gradually more beautiful. The grand finale? The vibrant azure pools at the bottom of the lowest cascade.  Keep your eyes peeled for large hanging vines that wouldn’t look out of place in a Tarzan movie.

With three viewing platforms at the various tiers, there’s plenty of space to stand and get lost in the stunning beauty!

How to get there: You can visit the stunning Josephine Falls on Wooroonooran Safari’s day tour.

Nandroya Falls

nandroya falls wooroonooran national park
Photo by @annaritaevans (Instagram)

Roaring out of a mossy cove is one of Wooroonooran National Park’s most striking waterfalls: Nandroya Falls.  This double-tiered waterfall features a large single tier falls and runs downstream into a short, wide bottom tier.

Take a dip in the large plunge pool and get ready to truly feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Or head to the bottom falls for a leisurely swim.

How to get there: Head to the Nandroya Falls Circuit on the Palmerston Highway, approximately one and a half hour south of Cairns.  The walk is signposted and begins to the west of the Henrietta Creek camping area. Walk 1.5 kilometres through the rainforest and be rewarded by one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Tropical North Queensland!

Silver Creek Falls

silver creek falls wooroonooran national park
Photo by @pb.ay (Instagram)

Two waterfalls for the effort of one? Yes please! Silver Creek Falls is located on the Nandroya Falls walking track and is a little mid-way treat during the 1.5km hike.

Although this waterfall is a fraction of the size of its largest counterpart Nandroya, it’s still beautiful!

How to get there: Drive to the Nandroya Falls Circuit on the Palmerston Highway, approximately one and a half hour south of Cairns.  The walk is signposted and begins to the west of the Henrietta Creek camping area. Begin the walk via the left hand route and arrive at Silver Falls about 1 km into the walk.

Wallicher Falls

wallicher falls wooroonooran national park
Photo credit: Tourism & Events Queensland

This wonderful wide waterfall is perfectly surrounded by an abundance of rainforest greenery.

The lookout point (as photographed above) provides a gorgeous view of this “wild” waterfall in its natural environment. However, you can get to the bottom when it’s not flowing too heavily. Simply cross the creek a little down stream from the top of the falls and continue down a hill to the base.

How to get there: Head South of Cairns to the Palmerston Highway just North of Innisfail.  The walking track for Wallicher Falls and Tchupala Falls is just south of the walking track to Nandroya Falls, so we recommend spending a day exploring these 3 beautiful waterfalls!  700 metres along the walking track you will come to the lookout for Wallicher Falls.

Tchupala Falls

tchupala falls wooroonooran national park
Photo by @_sarahlatham (Instagram)

Tchupala Falls is only a short walk away from Wallicher Falls, so we recommend checking out them both while you’re in the area!

This waterfall is also wide and mossy, but separates into three distinct cascades.

How to get there: Tchupala Falls is situated on the same walk as Wallicher Falls (above).

Kearneys Falls

kearneys falls wooroonooran national park
Photo by @thedailyluxe (Instagram)

Kearney’s Falls is one of the lesser-known Wooroonooran Waterfalls, which makes it all the more beautiful! This multiple-tiered waterfall slides down rocky walls and can be quite slippery, so take caution!

How to get there: Kearney’s Falls is located in the Goldsborough Valley.  To get there, head to Gordonvale, 20 minute south of Cairns and turn along the Gillies Highway towards the Tablelands. After 6km, turn left onto the Goldsborough Valley Road and cross Peets Bridge. Continue towards the Goldsborough Valley camping area for 16km. The last 5km is unsealed, however it is accessible for normal cars if driving carefully and in dry weather. The walk to the falls begins from the campsite and it’s 1.7km return.

Behana Gorge Waterfalls

behana gorge waterfall wooroonooran national park
Photo by @hi_its_amandap (Instagram)

Behana Gorge’s Clamshell Falls is situated behind the famous Cairns Pyramid. This crystal clear waterfall is a well-deserved treat after a 45 minute hike.

Jump into the mesmerising green waters and enjoy cooling down even on the hottest of tropical days! There are many beautiful water holes during the hike, so you can even try “swimming hole hopping”!

How to get there: Drive south from Cairns. Just past Gordonvale on the right, look out for a road called Behana Gorge Road. Follow this road and pull up into the car park to start the walking trail.

Windin Falls

windin falls wooroonooran national park
Photo by @blairzey91 (Instagram)

Windin Falls was a relatively unknown hike, until it shot to fame on social media! With endless sweeping valley views and that infinity pool, this waterfall has everything it takes to be a nature celebrity!

We only recommend braving the water when the falls are not flowing heavily. Take caution and remember, you are on the top of a waterfall!

How to get there: On the Atherton Tablelands north of Malanda, turn onto Topaz Road from the Gillies Highway. Take a left onto the Old Cairns Track. When you reach a fork in the road, continue straight (left fork) and continue. Around 5KM in, you will see an area to park your car in. Walk along the road until you see a gate, this is the start of the trail. Continue along the trail for around 5km until you see a large arrow carved into a tree. Follow the arrow to arrive at the top of the falls.

Ready to chase Wooroonooran waterfalls? Book a tour with Wooroonooran Safaris to explore Josephine Falls, Babinda Boulders and more!